Capiz province is relatively known because of its supposed notoriety of being the source or birthplace of Aswangs,that is if Aswangs are born hehehe. Aswang is supposedly a creature of the night that roams and feeds on the blood of their victims. Wow, in my three decades of existence,I have never seen one nor have I seen one of their supposed victims. Maybe Aswangs in Capiz are either anorexic or they are in a strict diet hekhekhek.

What you will always see here in Capiz are fun loving,happy,hardworking,honest and God-fearing people and the seafoods here are worth dying for. More on those seafoods later on in my succeding posts.

What you will see here in Capiz closely resembling the famed Aswangs are a few politicians and their entourage of COOs or Civilian Opud Opuds and sometimes the authorities of the land where they all feed like Aswangs, drinking the very life of the people who lives in it. Maybe they are worst than the gentle Aswangs. hope to see one in the near future Maybe a hightech aswang ??  ;-}

For news about the province please visit Capiz News.


One thought on “Aswang

  1. For me, Capiz and the rich philippine myth on aswang is an opportunity untapped. It is our culture, and we must not be afraid to tell stories of it. I’d actually want to go there one day and see for myself why Capiz has such a reputation.

    But I guess our problem with corruption and the “aswang” in the government really needs massive purging!

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